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Prostatite Cronica: Sintomi e Cura

Stanziamento per il cancro alla prostata

PSA has been increasing from and when it doubled from 6 to 12 in Feb. However I am not concerned about the enlarged prostate as although flow and capacity are reduced I do not have a problem with other symptoms which are mild.

In Jan. Which the urologist was happy with. Basically I feel the recommendation of hormone treatment is correct but would welcome facts on how other people with similar history were treated. I am still sexually active and appreciate that the hormone treatment will almost certainly put and end to that but has anybody beaten that side effect?

Welcome to this forum. But after two years of hormone therapy, zoladex and also 37 radiotherapy treatments, my psa reduced to 0. Hormone treatment reduced my psa to 3. Hope your psa also shows a downward movement which I am sure will happen. Take care, best wishes, Brian.

Thanks for your feed back. I have now done three months and the Casodex had been reduced to 50mg the second injection is next week. Become old, Libido and sex gone, Weak and fatigued, General feeling of not being well, Sweating, Joint Pain, Deterioration in urination relative to volume and dribbling. Memory deterioration. If this is the outlook over years I feel I should explore alternative treatments or just stop the medication. For some reason the second injection was switched from Prostap to Zoladex hopefully better side effects.

I am prostatite Gleason I prostatite Gleason reply to your last posting, must have missed it somehow. You do seem to have had a lot of side effects. You will probably only be on hormone therapy for a year or prostatite Gleason so please don't lose heart. As my psa was 70 and a lot higher than yours, I had two years on hormone therapy and now the prostatite Gleason effects are a lot less but were nothing like you describe.

But I look at it this way, together with the radiotherapy it has saved my life of that I have no doubt prostatite Gleason all. Please let us know how your getting on, best wishes, Brian.

Prostatite Gleason prostate cancer has been on the back burners for five weeks. Prostatite Gleason had severe gastro enteritis and became dehydrated and ended up in hospital for 32 days where after a prostatite Gleason I was diagnosed with a large positive tumour blocking the system. It was cut out and I am now home and very weak as I lost 13kg but have put on 5kg so far. The tumour has yet to be assessed but am likely to go on chemo for a while. After 6months my psa had fallen to 0.

It seems likely that both problems will be under an oncologist and I will leave the urologist. All a bit of a downer but I am staying positive and working hard to get back some fitness and mobility. Prostatite Gleason was given Lovenox as an anticoagulant for 30 days from prostatite Gleason operation and have 6 of the daily injections to go. Thanks for the update and glad to here you are recovering after having a prostatite Gleason spell. My hormone therapy continued working for some whole after the treatment had stopped so you psa should still stay low for some time.

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Operation to remove breast lump this Thursday.